The fruits of our labor

Working hard. Giving it our all. These are the principles behind everything we do at NatureSweet. Because we believe you get out what you put in.

We believe that the harder we work, the sweeter our tomatoes will be.

So, at NatureSweet, we don’t do things the fast way. Or the easy way. We do things the right way. Even if it’s more expensive. Even if it’s more of a struggle.

That’s why our methods have been groundbreaking in the industry. We’re not afraid to try something new if it means a better outcome. And that’s why you can taste the difference in our tomatoes – because we literally do things differently than our competition.

We believe the more we care for our people, the more they’ll care about their work.

Everyone is special. Everyone has value. And if our Associates understand they’re capable of anything, then anything is possible. As a business we grow tomatoes, but our higher calling is to unleash the power of people. By making the produce industry more human, we’ve helped our Associates reach goals in their work, academics, families, communities, and more. The happier they become, the more pride they take in their work. No tomatoes taste better than ours, because none are better cared for.

We believe the more we look out for Mother Earth, the more she’ll help us grow the best tomatoes in the world.

At NatureSweet, running a successful business and being good stewards of the environment are not mutually exclusive. So when we decided to grow a seasonal product all year long – to make our tomatoes taste just as good in winter as they do in summer without pricing them differently – we wanted to do it the natural way, minimizing our carbon footprint. Going out of our way to protect our natural resources is the least we can do to thank Mother Earth for all she gives us. She knows we always have her back.

If you put in everything you have – if you give it all you’ve got – you’ll reap the rewards. In our case – the abundantly good, deliciously sweet rewards.