Tomatoes raised right means doing right by everyone and everything involved

Sustainability & social responsibility report


We invite you to read our Social Responsibility & Sustainability Report. As the title suggests, it’s a survey of how responsible we’ve been with our resources and our people. You’ll learn how our Associates help to improve schools in their areas and how they participate in river cleanups and hurricane relief. You’ll learn about our new, more efficient water meters and composting programs. And you’ll see where we need to improve. Though we have a long way to go until we reach perfection, thanks to this report, we become better and smarter every year.

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Non GMO Logo

NatureSweet is non-GMO project verified

  • That NatureSweet tomatoes are not genetically modified. Our tomatoes are grown naturally, respectfully, and their DNA is not altered in any capacity.

  • Aww shucks, we’re blushing. NatureSweet Tomatoes are grown to be sweet, colorful, fresh, and delicious. Protected from harsh elements, nurtured from the time that they’re seeds, handpicked off the vine, and shipped in our iconic packages so they stay pristine – simply put, they’re raised right. To learn more about our growing process, click here.


    But your question brings us to another point – it’s a shame that people think a perfect-looking fruit or vegetable means something is awry. It’s a mentality we’re trying to change in the produce industry as a whole. We believe produce should always be delicious and fresh – and at NatureSweet you can trust where it comes from.

NatureSweet is EFI-certified

  • It’s the Equitable Food Initiative, a nonprofit organization that works to improve the produce industry for all parties involved: workers, growers, and retailers. The initiative helps ensure that workers are treated well, compensated fairly and engaged to ensure food is safer and responsibly grown.


    When you see the Responsibly Grown, Farmworker Assured label, you know that the produce was grown under the highest standards in the industry (311 to be exact) that go above and beyond government requirements. But anyone who’s ever tasted our tomatoes knows that average is not in our nature.

    • Paying above the minimum wage
    • Providing workers’ compensation
    • Creating safe working conditions
    • No underage workers
    • Extensive leadership training