Follow me to learn how we raise our tomatoes right.

It starts with seeds.

We scour the earth to find the very best.

We naturally combine the strongest roots with vines that yield the sweetest tomatoes so our fruit will grow strong and sweet.

Instead of soil, we plant in coconut husks. It helps the tomato plants resist disease and uses 80% less water.

We built greenhouses to protect our tomatoes from the elements. That way they can focus all their energy on one thing: flavor.

Bumblebees (like me!) pollinate the tomato flowers – just as Mother Nature intended.

The tomatoes ripen under the care of our amazing full-time Associates. Then they’re tenderly handpicked off the vine at the peak of perfection.

How does our flavor never waver? Our tomatoes are tested for sweetness, firmness and freshness. Only those that pass earn the NatureSweet® name.

Within 24 hours they’re packed, shipped, and on their way to your local store.

Then they’re ready to make every meal marvelous. Why? Because they were raised right.